Even if you don’t drive your Rolls-Royce that often, it is recommended to bring your vehicle in once a year or every 10,000 miles. Avondale Premier Collection Assistant Service Manager Ryan Burris fills you in on the importance of your Rolls-Royce scheduled maintenance.

“Since Rolls-Royce vehicles don’t get driven a lot, its important the service is performed annually,” Burris said. “We recommend bringing it to the Avondale Premier Service Center to get your fluids, filters, key fob batteries, and wiper blades checked out.”

With a lack of driving, owners may experience notable situations that need maintenance.

“Outside of regular maintenance, we will see some Rolls-Royce vehicles come in for items where the battery charge gets low,” he said. “We want to educate our clients about the trickle charger and also what we look at when walking around your vehicle.”

Other than mileage, vehicle weight is also a big factor in how your Rolls-Royce is serviced.

“We do see some Rolls-Royce models go through tires just as often as frequently driven vehicles,” he said. “Rolls-Royce vehicles are heavier than most cars, so we check tires and brakes very carefully.”

How do you know when its time to bring in the vehicle?

“Your Rolls-Royce will inform you when its due for service,” he said. “If there are any warnings or malfunctions, please reach out to us.”

To schedule your Rolls-Royce service appointment, visit our online service scheduler today.

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