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New Rolls-Royce Phantom Models For Sale in Dallas, TX

If you're looking for one of the most comfortable, smooth riding and prestigious new luxury vehicles on the market, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is everything you're looking for and more. Since 1925, the Phantom name has been synonymous with luxury automotive, providing you with head turning good looks, sophisticated comfort and all of the latest innovations in engineering and technology. From getting chauffeured around Dallas to letting the whole world know of your prestige, the Rolls-Royce Phantom lets you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride wherever you go.



Rolls-Royce Phantom Features & Craftmanship


The Phantom delivers enormous power under the hood, but it's silent cabin and smooth handling ride would keep any passenger guessing. All models come equipped with a 6.8-liter V12 engine that delivers a whopping 563-horsepower and 664 pounds-feet of torque, allowing you to reach speeds of 0-60 in an estimated 5.1 seconds for an exhilarating yet relaxing driving experience all over Dallas.

All Phantom models come with an air suspension to dampen even the largest bumps and provide you with a smooth, comfortable experience whether you're the driver or the passenger. Even if you can't see the bumps coming, the forward-looking camera in every Phantom can and it will prepare the suspension for them, allowing you to drive with confidence knowing that your Phantom is looking out for you wherever you go. Power is sent through rear-wheel drive in all models and rear-axle steering ensures that your Phantom handles in the most agile and precise way imaginable.


The Phantom is instantly recognizable thanks to its large body and grille, as well as its iconic hood ornament. The Phantom has a length of 227.2 inches and a width of 79.4 inches, while the wheelbase is a vast 139.8 inches, providing you with ample space and plenty of distance between the front and the back tires for the smoothest ride possible. 21-inch wheels come standard on all models to up the prominent appeal even more.

Inside the cabin, the Phantom offers spacious and comfortable seating for up to five passengers. Seemingly every square inch is covered in premium leather, real wood and metal accents, giving it a sophisticated appearance and a feeling of pure elegance at all turns. Amenities are at an all-time high, including massaging and power-adjustable front seats, a refrigerated console compartment to keep food and drinks cold, and a remote control for the standard infotainment system.

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With a touch of a button, you can separate yourself in the rear from the driver in the front with the Privacy Suite feature, offering you a sanctuary away from it all. Two 9.2-inch fold out display screens are tucked away into the back of the front seats with the rear-seat theater system. In the front, the Phantom features a 10.3-inch display screen with a remote control to stay connected wherever you go around Dallas and beyond.

For greater safety, all Phantom models come with a head-up display to provide you with important driving information right in front of your eyes so you never have to take them off the road. You can also enjoy an array of optional driver assist features, including standard forward collision warning and lane departure warning.

Customize Every Aspect of Your Rolls-Royce Phantom with Our Bespoke Experience

Your Phantom should be purely your own. That's why we offer our Bespoke Experience, allowing you to custom design every inch of your Phantom, including:

  • Natural Veneers and Unique Surfaces
  • Personal Leather and Stitching Options
  • Custom Paint Palettes
  • Embroidery
  • More

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If you want to learn more about buying or leasing a new Rolls-Royce Phantom, we invite you to join us at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dallas Today. In addition to our new Rolls-Royce models, we also offer many Provenance Pre-Owned Rolls-Royce models, allowing you to choose from a wider selection of quality Rolls-Royce models in Dallas than ever before. When the time comes that your vehicle needs servicing and maintenance, you can bring it into our renowned service center to have it all taken care of by our team of experts in the most convenient manner possible.